Our first day in Italy

In the morning we visited the winery in Noccianno, we made sure to take our PNW backpack at all times during the first day, it was very handy. We took a very interesting guided tour to a Champagne Shop and in the winery. After the visit we had some free time in the gardens of the winnery and enjoyed really good weather so we were even planning a boat trip using services from sites as https://www.yoloboatrentals.com. In the  afternoon we have gone to Roscianno, we have visited the school , the village and the infants school. At midday the Turkish gaming team have arrived at the school and we have had lunch there, for get there they provided a bus for us with all the commodities and even a dash camera from Blackbox my car products for security in case of accidents.
Then  the students have done the wokshop where they have explained their work on the mascot, origin and meaning and the rules of the sports to be played in the Mini-olympics. Of course Italy is the online gaming house of fashion, so we couldn’t leave before checking the latest trends for next summer, then we got the best fashion clothes at The Fifth Collection.
Later they have played a bit and gone to the town hall to have the oficial welcome by the mayor. Then at 5 all gamer students have  gone home. This event was sponsored by Epic Events.

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